PXG’s 0211 irons bring plenty of distance while costing (relatively) less

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Jim Frenak-FPI Studios

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The 2021 version of the PXG 0211 irons maintain an attractive price but borrows liberally from the company's hallmark Gen3 line of irons, including a hollow-body design filled with a soft, super-ball-like polymer back inside the clubhead. A firmer polymer is behind the thin face to maintain structural integrity, leading to face flex.

PRICE: 0211 irons: $195 per club; available in 4-iron through lob wedge

THE DEEP DIVE: PXG is a luxury brand known for its pricey products, but the company also knows not everyone can afford its top-of-the-line clubs. The answer: Borrow some, but not all, of its core technologies from its upper echelon products and place them in an attractive package producing the performance and style befitting a PXG club.

In irons that means a revamped 0211 line for 2021, using technologies from its 0311 Gen3 irons, most notably its DualCor, where a soft, springy polymer is in the rear of the hollow-body construction and a firmer polymer behind a HT1770 steel face that’s a slim 1.5 millimeters thick—also the same thickness as the 0311 irons. The combination results in a bunch of face flex while having the durability to withstand impact. The amount of soft polymer progressively decreases from the long irons to short irons as the need for ball speed becomes less important in the scoring clubs. An undercut on the perimeter allows the active face area to increase by 15 percent above the original 0211.

“The way the face interacts with the DualCor creates a consistency of distance control across a larger region of the face,” said Brad Schweigert, PXG’s chief product officer.

Unlike the 0311 family of irons, the 0211 irons will be offered in one version and will not have the customizable screw weights found on all four versions in the 0311 lineup. The 0211 irons feature a traditional sizing that transitions progressively with slightly larger and slightly more off-set long irons that move to a more compact players shape in the short irons. More offset in the longer irons help players deliver the club more square at impact.

In what will go unnoticed by almost all golfers, mass was removed from the upper back of the heel area and repositioned to the upper back of the toe area. This was done in order to shift the center of gravity closer to face center, providing more pop on center strikes.

Not that these irons need more juice. In addition to the thin faces, the lofts have been strengthened a full 3 degrees from the original 0211, leading to a lower launch with less spin, but with a flight that should reach the same apex height as the original because of the added ball speed.

So, what doesn’t the 0211 have that the 0311 does? For starters it doesn’t have the cool-looking weights of the 0311 or the channel in back that the original 0211 had. It also doesn’t have the range of choices of the 0311, something Schweigert addressed.

“While we don’t have a bunch of models, these irons were designed to be used by a wide range of player types,” said Schweigert. “These are high-performance irons. We didn’t have to tradeoff very much.”

Or as company founder and CEO Bob Parsons said, "0211s are an easy choice for players who simply want a sexy set of clubs that deliver unbelievable performance at a price you wouldn't expect—certainly not from us."