Puma's newest shoes have spikes that move with you

January 16, 2018
puma ignite pwradampt

A new traction system in Puma’s IGNITE PWRADAPT collection includes a unique way to achieve stability. Rather than a stagnant bottom seen with most golf footwear, pods move independent of each other to connect with the ground—meaning, if you have a downhill or uphill lie, your shoes will do stay grounded.

puma pwr adapt

As for the rest of the shoe, you’ll notice that the standard tongue is missing. Instead, there’s a mesh bootie that hugs your foot for a better fit. To add more support, a thin frame made of thermoplastic polyurethane is positioned where the shoe bends and torques the most, to give you support where you need it most. Cushioning and stability come from Puma’s Ignite foam that extends the length of the midsole. This is the first cleated shoe Puma has made that has that much Ignite foam.

puma pwr adapt

Three different models in the line, the version with laces, one with disc closure and an option with a leather upper. Each model costs $170, and they all have a two-year waterproof warranty. The line is available Feb. 1st.