Pros on Demand

Edufii is accessible via your laptop or your mobile device. If you want to use Golf Digest Pros on Demand on your computer, then simply click here and log in using your Edufii account that you set up when you purchased your membership. If you want to upload your swing and have it analyzed by a Golf Digest Pros on Demand Featured Teacher, then follow these steps:

Film your swing on your phone

If you film down the target line, make sure your phone is directly behind your hands, level with your hands, and pointing down the target line.

If you film your swing face on, make sure your phone is directly in line with your hands, level with your hands, and perpendicular to the target line.

Download the CoachNow app on iTunes or on Google Play, and open on your phone.

Go into the “Teams” section in the app Click on “Golf Digest Pros on Demand” team to open

Click on the “Swing Analysis” section

Tap the comment button on the most recent comment from a Golf Digest Featured Teacher asking you to share your swing

Click on the orange button on the left

Click on the green icon to upload your video

Select “Device Library” Allow access to your camera roll and select the swing video you would like to use

Select “Choose” when you’re ready to upload your video

Click on “Send” to upload your video for a teacher to analyze

Click here to log in to Golf Digest Pros on Demand.