Pro mocks his tee shot, proceeds to make hole-in-one

March 07, 2019

Before PGA Tour players began living under par, fans were routinely reminded that "these guys are good." Whatever the slogan of your choosing, both apply to D.A. Points' performance on Thursday.

Playing in this week's Arnold Palmer Invitational, Points hit a weak tee shot on Bay Hill's par-3 seventh. Or at least what Points perceived to be a poor shot, telling his ball to "Get up!" and "Go!" in an indignant tone. His stance` conveyed a similar thought, as the veteran crossed his legs and angled his arm on his waist as if his dog had just soiled himself on the kitchen floor.

However, chalk it up to poor depth perception or the brisk Orlando weather numbing his feels, but Points' shot, the one he deemed a pitiful effort, hit the center of the green and barreled towards the pin, deciding to make its home at the bottom of the hole.

Or, as the laymen refer to it, a hole-in-one.

We're not sure what part we enjoy the most: that Points' "bad" shot was recorded an ace, or that he remained irked after the fact. Either way, good luck on finding a more subdued reaction to a hole-in-one.