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President Obama reminds Steph Curry during White House visit: I beat you at golf

February 04, 2016

No one can stop Steph Curry. The reigning NBA MVP, who has paced the Golden State Warriors to a historic 45-4 start, submitted his finest game of the season on Wednesday night, scoring 25 points in the first quarter alone, and 51 total, in a win against the Washington Wizards.

And as we know in this corner of the sports world, Curry's athletic aptitude is not confined to the hardwood: The Davidson product is a scratch player on the golf course. Clearly the man has it all.

However, lest prosperity gets to his head, it looks like someone is keeping Curry in check. And that someone is President Obama.

Curry and the Warriors visited the White House on Thursday, as is customary for championship teams. In welcoming the club to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Obama made special mention of Curry's hot streak, but not before delivering a jab reference to the President's golf outing with the Warriors star:

"I heard during this summer after our golf game that Steph was using the excuse of Secret Service being intimidating for why he lost the match," said Obama. "But that was not the case."

Steph also acknowledged that Obama "talked trash" to distract him, a facet No. 44 conveniently left out of his roast.

We should preface that Curry didn't lose straight up, as he shot 76 in his round with the Commander in Chief. But, given Obama's alleged high handicap, the three-time All-Star was the victim of giving too many strokes.

Personally, I'm guessing Curry viewed it as his patriotic duty to lose to the President. That, or he didn't want to get audited.