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Phil Mickelson's tax comments generate passionate fan response

January 23, 2013

Phil Mickelson made his 2013 debut last week at the Humana Challenge, but his post-round comments to the press are getting a lot more attention than his ho-hum T-37 finish.

Lefty, not one to refrain from speaking out on a subject, said he "will be making some drastic changes" to account for the new tax rates he's paying in California. He then released a statement on Tuesday apologizing for discussing the matter.

Whenever an athlete comments on a political issue, it'll usually cause a stir. It did in this case, too, generating more than 380 comments on our Golf Digest Facebook page.

Prevailing opinion from our fans: Phil's comments felt like a breath of fresh air. Most didn't see a reason for Mickelson to apologize, although plenty of others didn't like Lefty's comments.

Here's a glimpse at some of our fans' opinions:

Our passionate readers didn't shy away from taking a stance on a conterversial issue in this country. A ton of people were disappointed Phil apologized.

There are always two sides to every political issue. Some were not happy with Phil's honesty in his original comments.

And this comment won our favorite of all:

Maybe this is the first stage in Mickelson's effort to campaign for a career in politics. Hey, the guy does always take time to shake hands and sign autographs!

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images