Phil Being Phil

PGA Championship 2024: Phil Mickelson gave a classic response to fan wanting to make bet with him

May 19, 2024

Phil Mickelson is a changed man. At least, when it comes to gambling. And now there's some video proof.

Following details in Billy Walters' 2023 book that Mickelson made more than 7,000 wagers from 2010 to 2014 and racked up more than $100 million in losses, the star golfer admitted to having a gambling problem and even vowed to not bet on football this past year. Which is bad timing because Taylor Swift's Chiefs were such an obvious lock to win the Super Bowl in the recent NFL script, um, we mean, season.

Beyond that, Mickelson's pre-tournament money games on the PGA Tour were always the stuff of legend. And there's classic stories of him gambling on the set of "Tin Cup" and with announcers and even fans during tournaments. But Wild Phil is gone.

During Thursday's first round of the PGA Championship, a fan at Valhalla threw out a tempting $1,000 birdie prop bet to Mickelson. And he turned it down in funny fashion. Check it out:

"I would, but I'm not a gambling man," Mickelson responded with a big grin. That's certainly not your daddy's Phil Mickelson right there.

It seems that this has become a go-to line for Mickelson, who reportedly told another fan the same thing at the LIV Bedminster event last summer. Good for Phil practicing what he's preaching. And considering the six-time major champ shot rounds of 74 and 72 to miss the cut at Valhalla, a straight-up birdie bet wouldn't have been a smart bet anyway.