PGA Championship 2020: Tiger Woods’ neck warmer is available for all of us to wear

Here’s where to get the gaiter Tiger was wearing at Harding Park

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August 05, 2020

Everyone has a different name for the accessory Tiger Woods wore during his Tuesday practice round at Harding Park. Some call it a neck warmer, others a gaiter, face mask, buff or even a scarf. Similar to the variety of names, the piece that SA Co. calls a “Multi-use Face Shield” ($20) has a ton of utility for golfers. According to the mostly outdoors and fishing company, the accessory can be worn 10 ways and can be used for everything from wind protection, to regulating body temperature, to blocking out the sun.

The website shows the Face Shield being worn around the neck, to cover the face and ears, as a headband or even as a hair tie. The tubular bandana is made from a polyester microfiber fabric that repels moisture, has UPF 30+ protection and a two-way lateral stretch in a seamless construction.

It appears that Woods was wearing the “Blackout American Flag” version of the SA Co. Face Shield, but the mask comes in several colors and patterns. The company is currently running a promotion: If you buy one face shield (regularly $20) you get four for free.

Many people have turned to similar bandana-like neck accessories as a face mask to protect from COVID-19. Though studies show that any mask is likely to decrease exposure to the virus, 100-percent cotton masks are more effective than those with stretchy synthetic materials. An easy test is to hold your mask up to the light, and if you can see through it, you should opt for a more tightly woven material.