How to style the Outdoor Voices Court Dress for Golf

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Outdoor Voices just released a new exercise dress: the Court Dress. Similar to the brand’s popular Exercise Dress, it’s a stretchy sleeveless dress with built-in shorts designed for exercise, but stylish enough to be worn outside of sport. The Court Dress has an open back and a shorter hem that likely won’t be accepted at most golf courses—but with the proper styling, it can be made golf-ready in a pinch.
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First, let’s be clear that this dress is on the shorter side, so practice good judgment when deciding if the length is appropriate for your course. We wouldn’t wear it to a private club, but would consider it for casual public courses, date night at TopGolf or a public range session with the girls. Shorter girls will have an easier time wearing this for golf, (Note: I am 5 feet, 5 inches tall and it did pass the “fingertip rule” with the hem longer than where my fingertips fall at my sides, while my almost-six-foot colleague found it much too short for her liking).

The dress comes in white, orange or green with thin straps and an opening at the back that will have to be layered over at most golf courses. We’d layer an anorak jacket or slightly cropped bomber jacket over this dress. A semi-sheer white jacket paired with the orange version of this dress would create an effortlessly sporty-chic ensemble. Under a breathable layering piece, the open back will keep you cool on hot days and avoid the collection of sweat at your lower back.

It’s made from a thick, textured compression material that has a luxe feel and next-to-skin silhouette that is supportive and flattering. We’d recommend sizing up for a little more coverage and a fuller skirt, since the split hem on the skirt can be a little revealing on a tighter fit. The top of the dress is a replication of the Outdoor Voices Double Time Bra with a scoop neck top, midweight fabric and simple straps. The skirt of the dress is inspired by the brand’s Court Skirt with roomy pockets in the shorts, a sculpting textured compression fabric and a length of 15.5 inches.
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For casual tennis rounds or to wear this off the course, it almost looks like a matching sports bra and skirt—an on-trend and athletic look in the fashion world right now. Off the course, it’d look great under an oversized jean or leather jacket.
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