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Ole Miss beats Alabama with play card featuring Augusta National logo

September 21, 2015

Did Ole Miss get help from Augusta National in defeating second-ranked Alabama on Saturday night?

Who knows, but a Mississippi coach was spotted holding a play card featuring Augusta National’s logo. One wonders, of course, what Augusta National chairman Billy Payne might think about this. Then again, Payne, a Georgia Bulldog, might approve of anything that contributes to a defeat of SEC rival Alabama.

One can only guess what information the Augusta National logo is relaying to the players on the field. To run the Amen Corner route?

Play cards featuring photos and symbols have become increasingly popular. Last year, Jason Dufner’s mugshot was used on an Auburn sideline play card, while Rickie Fowler has appeared on an Oklahoma State play card.

(h/t Billy Byler @TheByler)