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Oakley signs Rory McIlory to new deal

December 02, 2010

So finally Oakley is moving forward.

The eyewear giant made a smart move signing Rory McIlroy to a clothing and eyewear deal that will really help the brand on a global basis. Rory will complement the existing relationship that Oakley has with Rickey Barnes. Having a player as marketable as McIlroy will really push Oakley's golf design team, because they still must find a clear and defined signature for the golf product.


Clearly they have accomplished this already with the eyewear and I have every hope that clothing style will follow.  Speaking of which, that slit thing on the bottom of your trousers is getting pretty tired looking. Put it this way: if someone walked into your office for an interview with those slits, what kind of first impression do you think that would make?

--* Marty Hackel *