Nikon Stabilizes Your Game

August 06, 2018

If you're like me, using a handheld rangefinder can be a challenge. As is the case with many people, my hands are simply not steady enough to lock in on a target through the viewfinder. But all that just changed, when I used Nikon's new COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED laser rangefinder.

Every time I aimed it at the pin and hazards on any hole from any distance, the image in the viewfinder blew me away. It was actually steady – not shaking around. The first few times, I backed away from the scope and held my hand out to see if I'd miraculously overcome the hand tremors. I had not. This product was pure magic.


It isn't the first time Nikon has used "vibration reduction" technology in its rangefinders, but this new-and-improved version visually eliminates at least 80 percent of physical shaking – according to the company. And it makes the process so easy.

Because of the stable image, COOLSHOT's able to tap its lightning-quick technology and display an accurate distance measurement in less than one-third of a second, from up to 1,200 yards away. You can also set it to show you the playable distance, which takes into consideration the course's terrain and hills. In that mode, for instance, it might display that the raw distance of a downhill shot is 175 yards but also shows you that it plays only 155 yards. That can be a huge difference-maker with respect to club selection, and saved me from mis-clubbing several times – which in turn helped shave a few strokes off my score.

You can also easily get the distance to an object with one button push, or keep pressing the same button for continuous measurements to other objects as you pan the scope. And when you're zeroing in on a flagstick and there are trees beyond the green, the COOLSHOT displays the distance of the closest object – along with a green confirmation indicator in the scope – so that you can be confident you have the proper distance to the correct target.

What you see in the viewfinder will always be vibrant to your eye, as well – thanks to the internal OLED display that automatically fine-tunes the brightness level according to the surrounding ambient light level. I even tried distance-seeking with my sunglasses on and had no problem seeing the entire field of view.

Golfers know the convenience of a reliable handheld rangefinder, particularly compared to a cart's GPS that you often can't drive right up to your ball or a GPS app that drains your smartphone's battery. But a model like COOLSHOT PRO STABILIZED that virtually eliminates shaking is invaluable.