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Never Choose The Wrong Club On Those In-Between Yardages Again

We got an email from Ben Moss in Virginia, who's having some trouble choosing which club to hit when he's in-between yardages.

How many times does it happen to you in a round? You’re 145 yards out, and you’ve got a club that’s perfect for around 140, and one that’s dialed in at 150. One time, you pick the 150-club and try to lay off it, only to catch it thin and it scoots off the back of the green. The next time, you decide to try and muscle the 140-club, just to hook it left of the green.

Shots that fall into the fateful in-between yardage are tough to hit, but they don’t have to ruin your round. With this pointer from Mark Blackburn, you’ll go into those shots with some confidence – which is really going to be the key to you hitting solid shots into the green.


Blackburn, the Director of Instruction at Greystone Country Club and one of our Golf Digest Best Young Teachers, says that you should let the pin location guide your club choice.

“Pin location has a big impact on the club your going to hit on those in-between yardages. If it's a front pin I like players to take a lesser club that they can hit harder, and it’ll generally produce a higher trajectory and more spin,” says Blackburn. “Alternatively, for a back or middle flag I would advocate a flighted off-speed shot with more club. This will ensure a lower flight and less spin so the ball will release up to the flag.”

Whenever you’re standing over a shot and you’re unsure of the club in your hand, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Use Mark's tip to guide you in your club choice, so that when you do address the ball, you’re doing so with confidence. Your chances of hitting it tight just went way up.

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