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Netflix's new mockumentary looks like the most elaborate dick joke in human history

September 15, 2017

Art can be cultivated from the most rudimentary dimensions; one could argue for an abstraction to reach the highest plane of cultural existence, the concept must be rooted in an elementary concept. A belief that leads us to this grand pronouncement: Netflix's new series, American Vandal, is perhaps man's greatest achievement.

Why? The show's entire run time -- close to four hours -- is dedicated to the most elaborate dick joke in human history.

We've only watched the first two episodes, but the show somehow exceeds the heightened expectations from the trailer. Tapping into the solemnity and cynosure from Making A Murderer, American Vandal examines the plight of Dylan Maxwell, a student accused of drawing penises across his cars in his school's parking lot. Maxwell's dumb jock demeanor and affinity for such acts seemingly eliminates any defense to his cause, yet two fellow students examine if Maxwell had been set-up, providing motives and conspiracies against him from across the community.

To call it a parody doesn't do the show justice. For, despite it's sophomoric premise, it operates on such level of detail and engagement that you're not just doubled over in laughter, but shaking your head at the dedication to...well, a dick joke. It somehow manages to surpass Silicon Valley's infamous HJ algorithm in its single-minded commitment.

We don't want to spoil the show, but do recommend you leave work immediately to binge-watch the program. Rest assured that, while some will look down upon this as crass, unbecoming and trashy, American Vandal is proof our finest creations can come from the simplest joys.