oh no

‘Nasty slice’ at driving range destroys car window, hopes and dreams

Two brothers went to a driving range and all they got was a broken car window and ridiculed. We know this due to a r/golf post from BigBankBaller. Hopefully, he has a checking account that backs up his username.

“My brother’s car got smoked at the driving range,” reads the harrowing Reddit headline. And the accompanying video is a golfer’s worst nightmare. You can actually hear the glass cracking off and see it raining down as the backdoor opens. Zoom in and there it is … a yellow Titleist range ball.

“The lot was about 150 yards to the right of the range,” the original poster explained. It’s a private course so less odds a hack would slice it that far right. Unlucky.” He then went on to say that “someone must’ve hit a nasty slice” as the car was quite far from the range. Great contact, terrible aim. We’ve all been there but it rarely leads to so much destruction.

You might be wondering if the range at least took care of the window. Umm, not exactly. “Nope we asked,” OP replied to that very question. “They did laugh and take pictures though.”