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NASCAR star Kevin Harvick's replica of Augusta National's 12th hole might be the greatest thing ever

March 03, 2016

We've seen a lot of great backyard golf holes through the years. Some are better than others, and all make us jealous. But this one, this one, well, just have a look. . .

A backyard golf hole that's a replica of perhaps the best and most beautiful golf hole in the world? How can you top that?!

That's NASCAR star Kevin Harvick's backyard. And it looks so much like Augusta National's iconic 12th hole that we can practically hear the Masters theme music playing in the background. Well done, Kevin Harvick. Well done.

Turns out, Harvick attended that Masters last year and got to play the famed course a few years ago. He wrote this about the experience on his website: "There's nothing else like this place."

Maybe so, Kevin, but holy crap is your backyard also pretty sweet.