Golf & MusicSeptember 24, 2008

The Top 100 in Music

Our second ranking of the top musicians who play golf, and a new No. 1

Handicaps are from August and were determined from the USGA's Golf Handicap and Information Network, state associations, the musicians, publicists, friends and playing partners. Handicaps without decimal points are unofficial estimates.

RANK/MUSICIAN HDCP COMMENT       [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=1)[#image: /photos/55adac93add713143b44466f]|||gatlin|||1. Rudy Gatlin   +1.3   Singer's touted motivational speaking must have contributed to improvement from 2.4 Index in 2006; plays at Royal Oaks in Dallas, where he shot 68 in June.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=2)[#image: /photos/55adac93b01eefe207f88660]|||kennyg|||2. Kenny G   0.0   Jazz saxophonist was our No. 1 in 2006; says his proudest athletic moment was hitting a great drive in front of Jack Nicklaus. ([Read more about Kenny G](/rankings/2006/12/kennyg))      3. Marty Roe   0.2   Vocalist and acoustic guitarist for Diamond Rio plays at Nashville Golf & Athletic Club; improved his Index over summer months.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=3)[#image: /photos/55adac93b01eefe207f88662]|||vince|||4. Vince Gill   0.8   Country singer, on tour through November, has raised millions for junior golf with his "Vinny" pro-celebrity event; The First Tee Nashville facility is called The VinnyLinks.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=4)[#image: /photos/55adac93b01eefe207f8865d]|||azar|||5. Steve Azar   1.3   Singer-songwriter played almost daily with college roommate, listening on headphones to Springsteen, Mellencamp and Seger.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=5)[#image: /photos/55adac93add713143b444671]|||adrian|||6. Adrian Young   1.4   Drummer for No Doubt with mohawk cut belongs to two clubs in San Diego area. ([Read more about Adrian Young](/rankings/2006/12/topmusicians))      7. Steve Gatlin   3.4   Hasn't improved as dramatically as No. 1 younger brother, but he's down from 3.9 in '06.      8. Larry Gatlin   3.5   Went from gospel to country to Broadway.      9. Dan Tyminski   4.4   Ten-time Grammy winner released his second solo album, "Wheels," in June.     10. Griffin House   5   Singer-songwriter grew up playing at Springfield (Ohio) Country Club, where his scratch-player dad is a former club champ.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=6)[#image: /photos/55adac93b01eefe207f88669]|||cooper|||11. Alice Cooper   5.3   Well before he was known for his golf, rocker used to charter flights to golf venues from concert cities. ([Read more about Alice Cooper](/rankings/2006/12/topmusicians))      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=7)[#image: /photos/55adac94b01eefe207f8866f]|||davis|||T-12. Mac Davis   5.8   Singer-songwriter who wrote several Elvis hits plays at Bel-Air Country Club.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=8)[#image: /photos/55adac94add713143b444678]|||davis|||T-12. Huey Lewis   5.8   Posted 18 rounds at his Montana club in May/June; performed on Capitol lawn July 4.      14. Lloyd Cole   5.9   British rocker lives in western Massachusetts, where he laments that only two of Donald Ross' original holes remain at home course, Wycoff Country Club.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=10)[#image: /photos/55adac93b01eefe207f8866c]|||josh|||T-15. Josh Kelley   6   Singer married actress Katherine Heigl late last year, and he's claiming a handicap two strokes higher than his 4 in [our 2006 ranking.](/rankings/2007/musicianrankings_gd2007)      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=9)[#image: /photos/55adac94add713143b44467b]|||justin|||T-15. Justin Timberlake   6   Rarely plays 18 holes; says he's "about a 6." ([See interview with Justin Timberlake](/rankings/2008/11/justintimberlake))      17. Will Pugh   6.4   Lead singer for Cartel quit his high school golf team to pursue music.      T-18. Alan White   6.6   Yes drummer, based in state of Washington, is No. 2 sticks man on our list.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=11)[#image: /photos/55adac94b01eefe207f88674]|||dweezil|||T-18. Dweezil Zappa   6.6   Guitarist says golf keeps him sane in crazy business.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=12)[#image: /photos/55adac94add713143b444683]|||clay|||20. Clay Walker   7   Country singer hosted "Band Against MS" fund-raiser at Pebble Beach courses to fight MS, a disease from which he suffers.    [ View the top 20 musicians](/rankings/musicians)

RANK/MUSICIAN HDCP COMMENT       21. John Lodge   7.6   Moody Blues legend has tournament for charity at home in U.K.; loves U.S. courses like Congressional and Hazeltine.      22. Frank Beard   8.3   ZZ Top drummer plays almost every day.      23. Robby Krieger   8.6   Doors guitarist, 62, tours with Riders On The Storm and belongs to Riviera Country Club.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_musicians?slide=13)[#image: /photos/55adac94b01eefe207f8867e]|||tico|||24. Tico Torres   8.7   Bon Jovi drummer and percussionist is down from a 12.1 in '06.      T-25. Ray Benson   9   Lead singer for Asleep at the Wheel plays at Barton Creek in Austin when not touring.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=1)[#image: /photos/55adac94b01eefe207f88678]|||Bolton|||T-25. Michael Bolton   9.0   Despite short season in Connecticut, pop singer continues to lower handicap.      T-25. Kenny Scott   9   Florida-born Echo Jet frontman was headed for career in golf before record deal beckoned.      T-28. Barbara Bonney   9.3   American soprano lives and records in Europe -- and plays in Provence; raves about Pia Nilsson/Lynn Marriott school she attended.      T-28. Drew Copeland   9.3   Rhythm guitarist and lyricist for Sister Hazel has also recorded solo; although he performs barefoot, he does wear golf shoes.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=2)[#image: /photos/55adac94add713143b44468a]|||darius|||T-28. Darius Rucker   9.3   Best golfer in Hootie & the Blowfish, he won band's post-Masters 2008 Myrtle Beach pro-celeb event with Annika Sorenstam.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=3)[#image: /photos/55adac94b01eefe207f8867c]|||branford|||T-31. Branford Marsalis   9.4   Saxophonist with his own quartet plays a lot of golf when home in North Carolina.      T-31. Scott (Flip) Phillips   9.4   Drummer who moved from Creed to Alter Bridge is a member at Golden Bear Club at Keene's Pointe in Windermere, Fla.     33. Thomas Hampson   9.7   Europe-based American baritone was in hunt with partner Brandel Chamblee after 36 holes at 2008 AT&T but missed cut by two.      T-34. Tab Benoit   10   Blues singer-songwriter with B.B. King sound is an environmental activist.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=4)[#image: /photos/55adac94add713143b44468f]|||kix|||T-34. [Kix Brooks](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=3)   10   This half of Brooks & Dunn once bested pal John Daly and Arnold Palmer in a skins game.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=7)[#image: /photos/55adac95b01eefe207f88688]|||glen|||T-34. Glen Campbell   10.0   Former Bel-Air Country Club member plays often at public Malibu Country Club.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=5)[#image: /photos/55adac95add713143b444692]|||don|||T-34. Don Felder   10.0   Ex-Eagles guitarist wrote tell-all book, *Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles, 1974-2001.*      T-34. John Michael Montgomery   10   Country singer's favorite courses: Victoria National (Indiana), Champion Trace (Kentucky).      T-34. Vince Neil   10   Mtley Cre singer hosts fund-raising event that honors his late daughter, Skylar.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=6)[#image: /photos/55adac95add713143b444696]|||rooney|||T-34. Joe Don Rooney   10   Rascal Flatts guitarist collects scorecards.     [ View the top 20-40 musicians](/rankings/musicians?currentPage=2)

RANK/MUSICIAN HDCP COMMENT       41. Dave (Phoenix) Farrell   10.7   Bassist for Linkin Park plays at Coto de Caza Golf & Racquet Club in Southern California.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=8)[#image: /photos/55adac95add713143b44469e]|||barrere|||42. Paul Barrere   10.8  Little Feat guitarist-vocalist is touring the United Kingdom; plays in Woodland Hills, Calif.     [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=9)[#image: /photos/55adac95add713143b44469b]|||green|||T-43. Pat Green   11   Country singer plays in BMW Charity Pro-Am on Nationwide Tour; made headlines in August when a fan responding to his onstage request for a beer knocked him out with a thrown can.      T-43. Jani Lane   11   Glam metal rocker is lead singer for Warrant.      T-43. Mark Miller   11   Frontman for Sawyer Brown founded Christian label after playing golf with Grammy winner Steven Curtis Chapman      T-43. Matthew Polenzani   12   Lyric tenor starring with Metropolitan Opera     T-43. Ed Roland   11.0   Collective Soul singer-guitarist got into game at urging of Eddie Van Halen.      T-43. George Strait   11.0   Country icon is only golfer-musician on our list who sponsors a Team Roping Classic.      48. Bob Seger   11.1  Rock & Roll Hall of Famer plays in Michigan.    49. Anne Murray   11.4   Canadian singer plays avidly near her homes in Toronto and Nova Scotia.      50. Mark Bryan   11.7   Second-best Hootie & the Blowfish golfer belongs with rest of band at Bulls Bay Golf Club near Charleston, S.C.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=10)[#image: /photos/55adac95b01eefe207f8868b]|||johnny|||51. Johnny Mathis   11.8   Singer's Index improved from 15.2 in April after 40 rounds in June, July, August.      52. Trace Adkins   12   No. 1 hits keep coming for country star.      T-52. Joe Diffie   12   Touring has limited golf for country singer.      T-52. Nick Jonas   12   He's youngest, 16, and top musician-golfer of the Jonas Brothers, his brothers say.      T-52. Roger Waters   12.0   British bassist-songwriter spent 20 years with Pink Floyd; member at Sunningdale.      T-52. Tony Joe White   12   Country singer plays golf in Nashville with Spalding clubs made in the 1920s.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=11)[#image: /photos/55adac95b01eefe207f88691]|||dean|||57. Dean Felber   12.1  Hootie & the Blowfish guitarist.      58. Jonathan Cain   12.2   Keyboardist for Journey plays across bay from San Francisco at Richmond Country Club.      59. Aaron Lewis   13   Lead vocalist for Staind plays guitar right-handed and golf left-handed; lives in Massachusetts and plays 5-6 times a week.    [ View the top 40-59 musicians](/rankings/musicians?currentPage=3)

RANK/MUSICIAN HDCP COMMENT     T-60. Chris Culos  14 Drummer for rock band O.A.R. has been playing golf since he was 12 or 13.      T-60. Matthew Polenzani   14   Lyric tenor was winner of Metropolitan Opera's 2008 Beverly Sills Award.      T-60. Marc Roberge   14   Lyricist and co-founder of O.A.R. says he loves escaping "the noise" while on the course.      T-60. M. Shadows   14.0   Lead singer for Avenged Sevenfold (aka A7X) took up game last winter.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=12)[#image: /photos/55adac95add713143b4446a4]|||frey|||64. Glenn Frey   14.0   Co-founder of the Eagles has tried acting; plays his golf at Bel-Air Country Club.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=13)[#image: /photos/55adac95add713143b4446a9]|||taylor|||T-65. Taylor Hicks   15   The 2006 "American Idol" winner starred on Broadway this past summer in "Grease."      T-65. Kevin Jonas   15   The oldest of the Jonas Brothers told CNN that golf is "our get-out-on-the-green-and-enjoy-being-out-there-by-ourselves" time.      T-65. Toby Keith   15 Country chart-topper is as good as he was in 2006, playing at his Norman, Okla. course.      T-65. Charley Pride   15   Legendary country singer is still touring.      T-65. Kenny Rankin   15   Jazz/pop vocalist, songwriter and guitarist.      T-65. Smokey Robinson   15   Motown star told Golf Digest he isn't really a country-club golfer. "I play golf wherever my buddies and I want to go that day. Wherever they've got holes and flags, look for us." ([See "Final Exam with Smokey Robinson"](/magazine/2007/11/finalexam_smokey))      T-65. Denny Scott   15   Like brother Kenny (T-25), a frontman for Echo Jet; former surfer enjoying solid reviews of new hit single "Wave."      72. Doug Clifford   15.6   Rock & Roll Hall of Fame drummer now plays with Creedence Clearwater Revisited.      T-73. Brian McKnight   16   Former semi-pro basketball player with R&B sound brings athleticism to his game.     T-73. Willie Nelson   16   His nine-hole Cut-N-Putt course near Austin is as iconoclastic as its founder.      75. Stephen Stills   16.8   Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young guitarist is yet another member at Bel-Air Country Club.      T-76. Ricky Phillips   17   Bass player with Styx is trying to get back after injuring his Achilles tendon.      T-76. Jesse Valenzuela   17.0   Vocalist-guitarist for Gin Blossoms plays in Southern California.      78. Edwin McCain   17.1   Greenville, S.C., singer-songwriter released "Nobody's Fault But Mine" in June.      T-79. Joshua Bell   18  Indiana-born classical violinist says playing effortlessly works in golf -- and music. ([Read more on Joshua Bell](/magazine/interviews/2007/01/joshuabell))      T-79. Jett Beres   18   Bass player-vocalist for Sister Hazel plays in Palm Beach area when schedule allows.      T-79. Eric Church   18   Lower-handicap golfers in his band get this country singer on courses while touring.       T-79. Celine Dion   18   Songstress has been MIA at her home club, Trump International in West Palm Beach.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=14)[#image: /photos/55adac95add713143b4446a7]|||mick|||T-79. Mick Fleetwood   18   Fleetwood Mac drummer touring with Mick Fleetwood Blues Band and playing as much golf as time allows. ([Read, "Golfing Musicians: Saving Grace"](/rankings/2006/12/topmusicians))     [ View the top 60-79 musicians](/rankings/musicians?currentPage=4)

RANK/MUSICIAN HDCP COMMENT       84. Mike Mills   19.1   REM bassist, who turns 50 in December, plays at Athens (Ga.) C.C.; he can be heard vocalizing on band's 2008 album, "Accelerate."      85. Robin Zander   19.1   Cheap Trick singer-guitarist is playing celebrity events and battling a bad back.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=15)[#image: /photos/55adac96b01eefe207f8869c]|||meatloaf|||T-86. Meat Loaf   21   In addition to his DirecTV "Rock and a Hard Place," a new CD, acting and celebrity poker, the singer played in the 2008 Bob Hope.      T-86. Steve Miller   21   Neck surgery curtailed golf for two years, but he's back in the studio and back playing golf.      88. Will Turpin   21   Bassist for Georgia-based Collective Soul.      89. Michael (Flea) Balzary   25   Australian bassist for Red Hot Chili Peppers is spotted often at courses around L.A.    90. Harry Connick Jr.   28.6   Singer-songwriter says he rarely travels without his clubs; lives in Connecticut but keeps his Index on Cape Cod.      91. Chester Bennington   30   Lead vocalist for Linkin Park loves playing at dawn at Coyote Hills in Fullerton, Calif.      T-92. Clint Black   32   Country singer hasn't posted a score since our 2006 ranking. Friends tell us he's playing -- but not well.      T-92. Richie Sambora   33   Bon Jovi guitarist plays a few rounds a year      T-92. Tom Hamilton   32  Aerosmith bassist plays public course in Cape Cod; says he doesn't get many invites to Boston clubs and is trying to break 100.      T-92. Mike Herrera   32   Frontman for punk band MxPx also plays rockabilly with Tumbledown.      95. Josh Groban   35   "Awake Live" is latest CD from singer-songwriter known for incredible range (pop to classical); he's new to golf.      T-96. Charlie Daniels   36   Released "Live from Iraq" after his band visited last year; has played golf for years without establishing a handicap.      T-96. Daryl McDaniels   36   Founder of Run-DMC, with four rounds played, says, "When I hit it in the fairway I love it; I just want to be consistent."      T-96. Kid Rock   36   Rocker put game on display with John Daly in Buick Open pro-am in June.      T-96. Yuri Ruley  36   Drummer with MxPx.      [ ](/rankings/2008/11/photos_more_musicians?slide=16)[#image: /photos/55adac95b01eefe207f88694]|||shakira|||100. Shakira  40   Philanthropic, top-selling Colombian singer is looking for lessons; if "Hips Don't Lie" video is any indication, flexibility won't be a problem.