Our Money Survey

August 19, 2008

__ If you had to live without one of the following for an entire year, which would you choose?__

a) A family vacation 41%

b) Dining out__34%__

c) Cable TV__19%__

d) Golf__6%__

How has the price of gas affected your golf?

a) I'm playing more rounds closer to home__27%__

b) I'm playing fewer rounds__22%__

c) I'm carpooling more often__6%__

d) It hasn't affected my golf habits__45%__

__ What's the most you would ever spend for a golf shirt?__

a) $50__33%__

b) $75__26%__

c) $30__24%__

d) $100-plus__13%__

e) $9.99__4%__

You can afford only one of the following this year. Which do you choose?

a) Twenty rounds at your home course__81%__

b) Four days of golf and three nights in Myrtle Beach 11%

c) One day/night of golf and lodging at Pebble Beach__8%__

__ For $500, which would you choose?__

a) A lesson with Butch Harmon__29%__

b) A new set of clubs, bag included__27%__

c) Drinks and dinner with Arnold Palmer__19%__

d) A quick lunch with Tiger Woods__13%__

e) Walking inside the ropes at the U.S. Open__12%__

__ Which amount spent on golf would you keep from your spouse?__

a) $400 green fee__55%__

b) $50 in gambling losses on the course__23%__

c) $300 driver__14%__

d) $100 caddie fee__8%__

33% would need at least $3 million in savings before they would quit their job to play golf whenever they want.'

__ Whom would you pay $50 to watch play golf anywhere?__

a) Tiger Woods__47%__

b) Natalie Gulbis__6%__

c) Phil Mickelson__4%__

d) John Daly__2%__

e) All of the above__27%__

f) None of the above__14%__

__ Which do you consider the best value in golf today?__

a) $5 pullcart 54%

b) $25 riding cart 29%

c) $50 caddie__17%__

__ How much on top of a green fee would you be willing to pay for a guaranteed three-hour round?__

a) $10__24%__

b) $25 16%

c) $50__6%__

d) $100 2%

e) Not a penny more__52%__

__ How much would you have to have in savings before you'd quit your job and play golf whenever you wanted? In other words, what's your number?__

a) $3 million__33%__

b) $5 million__21%__

c) $1 million__18%__

d) $10 million 17%

e) $500,000__7%__

f) I love my job too much to quit 4%

__ How much would you pay for the hot driver everyone is talking about?__

a) $300__23%__

b) $150__7%__

c) $500__6%__

d) I've got to have it, whatever it costs__2%__

e) I'll wait a year and buy it at a discount__62%__

__ Your group just finished 18 holes at an upscale daily-fee course, and a worker takes a few minutes to wipe off your clubs. How much do you tip him?__

a) $2 a bag__43%__

b) $5 a bag__41%__

c) $1 a bag__7%__

d) I'm supposed to tip him?9%

__ A bucket of range balls costs $10 to hit off mats. For $5 more, you can hit off real grass. Do you pay the extra $5?__

a) Yes__59%__

b) No__41%__

__ You're invited to join three private clubs in your area, but you can choose only one. Annual fees are about the same, but initiation fees vary greatly. Where do you join?__

a) For $100,000 you can join one of America's 100 Greatest Courses 7%

b) For $40,000 you can join one of the top-10 courses in your state__11%__

c) For $7,000 you can join an unranked but very nice private course__39%__

d) I'll stick with my local muny, thanks__43%__

__ You're on a buddies golf trip, and rooms cost $50 per person if you have a roommate. How much extra would you pay for the only single room?__

a) $25__12%__

b) $50__14%__

c) $100__4%__

d) I'll outbid everyone__3%__

e) I'm perfectly happy to share a room__67%__