Mike Lorenzo-Vera drops hard F-bomb during live interview like it's nothing, comes up with hilarious excuse

November 23, 2019

We've all heard the phrase "pardon my French" before and wondered what the hell it actually means. Of course, it's an excuse for using profanity, but that still doesn't explain why the French are the ones we blame the profanity on. But after watching this interview with Frenchman Mike Lorenzo-Vera, now it all makes sense.

Following a third-round 69 at the European Tour's DP World Tour Championship, Lorenzo-Vera caught up with Sky Sports to assess his play. "I think I played better today than yesterday, some better shots all day long," said Lorenzo-Vera, who is tied for the lead heading into Sunday with Jon Rahm. There was one shot in particular that the 34-year-old was critical of, and it came on his final hole of the day. He chose to hit driver off the 18th, which apparently turned out to be a poor choice. Listen carefully:

"I think we f---ed it up a bit with the choice of club on 18, that was not driver. A bit too aggressive."


What's funny is, there was no "whoops" moment for Lorenzo-Vera, who dropped a hard F-bomb and kept it moving, only for the interviewer to apologize for him. "I'm French," said Lorenzo-Vera. What a great excuse! He should have just gone full Shaq and said "I don't give a shit":

Nothing like live television, am I right?