Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars unveil underwhelming new uniforms

Like all things NFL, uniform reveals have reached the point of over-saturation. Thursday Night "Color Rush", which thankfully no longer exists, played a role in that, but so did teams changing a good thing for the sake of change. Many of the results have underwhelmed, think Detroit Lions or Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Looks like you can add the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars to that group.

On Thursday, both Florida franchises revealed their "new" uniforms, and neither were worth the wait, not that anyone was waiting. Seriously, did anyone even know both teams were rebranding aside from their fans? Here was the Dolphins big unveiling of their new unis which feature ... wait for it ... DARKER ORANGE !?!?

After three to four rewatches, you'll eventually notice the slight changes. Or maybe you won't. Here's last year's version:

NFL: DEC 24 Dolphins at Chiefs

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Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins

Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery

My face when I saw the new 'Phins uniforms^^

But honestly, did we need a hype video for that? Of course we did, that was a stupid question. Nowadays there's a hype video for the hype video's hype video. Why don't the Dolphins just go to these permanently?

NFL: DEC 11 Patriots at Dolphins

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Maybe they are TOO good.

Moving onto the Jaguars, who just had one of the franchise's greatest seasons in what started as crap uniforms when they were first unveiled, but eventually looked fine:

AFC Championship - Jacksonville Jaguars v New England Patriots

Adam Glanzman

Not exactly the Yankee pinstripes, but it's a look most NFL fans grew accustomed to, which means it's time to change in the name of tradition! You know, that unrivaled Jacksonville Jaguars tradition:

What in the hell are these? Plain black and white aways? All teal alternates? The all black uniforms are fine, but that's about it. Perhaps this is what they were going for:

Mark Brunell scrambles

Jamie Squire

When I think Jags tradition, Mark Brunell is the first thing that comes to mind. The homeless man's Steve Young:

Mark Brunell

Andy Lyons

So yeah, these uniform reveals sucked.