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Mets ace Noah Syndergaard leaves country on off-day for golf trip

June 03, 2016

We golfers are a resolute bunch, doing whatever it takes to get in our rounds. That means trudging through rain and freezing conditions, lying to our bosses about dentist trips that conveniently are scheduled on summer afternoons, or skipping our nephew's first birthday party to get that extra nine in (trust us, he won't mind; he doesn't know what's going on).

But New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard went to an extreme to get his golf fix: Dude made a one-day, out-of-country trip to tee it up.

Okay, so hanging out in the Bahamas isn't roughing it, but flying out of the U.S. 24 hours before you're set to pitch is a bit of a gamble for a Major League player. But a golfer has to do what a golfer has to do.