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Make The Turn Weekly Challenge #33: Put On Your Game Face

October 21, 2014

I love Superhero movies, mostly because the idea of a "hero" is really an expression of possibility.

In the story, the protagonist is often someone filled with potential, who in the "real world" lacks the strength, confidence or courage to deliver that potential in a meaningful way. It's their alter ego so to speak that acts as the medium for transforming what is "ordinary" into "extraordinary." In essence, the "hero" represents the person at their best, operating on all cylinders, free from fear, doubt or other.

Common examples we all know might be characters such as Spiderman or Superman. Each full of heart and potential, yet not quite pulling it off as Peter Parker and Clark Kent. To me, this week's challenge of creating your "game face" represents this alter ego. It's who you want to be, need to be and have to be, to deliver your true potential in the heat of the battle.

What if every time you needed a killer performance you could literally transform into a representation of your best self? The game face is the spark that ignites your passion, and the anchor that keeps you fighting all the way to the finish!

This is a fun challenge that can really elevate your game, and a powerful exercise for coaches and business leaders to try with their teams in any endeavor.

Commit to creating a "game face" that brings out your best and you can count this challenge as complete.


Peak Performance Attitude

Increased Mental Toughness

Lower Scores

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