Lexi Thompson says playing golf with Donald Trump is much different now

January 13, 2017

Getty Images

Lexi Thompson is a longtime playing partner of Donald Trump. But she says it's a lot different playing with him now that he's been elected President. Well, at least, the number of people following them during their rounds is.

Ahead of the Diamond Resorts Invitational, Thompson told Golfweek she's played with Trump twice since he won the election. When he was simply a billionaire tycoon, Thompson estimates Trump usually brought about five people with him to the course. Now that he's about to take over the most powerful position in the world? She estimates Trump's entourage has grown to at least 30.

“I don’t know if I feel very safe or in danger,” she joked. “It’s interesting.”

Most recently, the foursome was Trump, Lexi, and her two brothers, Nicholas and Curtis, who are both tour pros. Like when Trump plays matches with PGA Tour winner Jim Herman, it seems he likes to have the best player on his team, so he usually plays and rides in a cart with the LPGA star.

However, it doesn't sound like his new job doesn't come up a lot during their rounds.

"I’m not into politics, so honestly I can’t even ask him anything," Thompson added.