Let Carl Spackler wipe the dirt from your clubs

February 21, 2012

David O'Keefe began his career as a newspaper artist, at the Tampa Tribune, working in promotions and later as a special projects illustrator in the newsroom. In 2007, he left to pursue his interest in painting and sculpting pop culture icons.


He once produced a sculpture of Bill Murray that he dressed in a tuxedo, a photo of which was featured on the cover of the Village Voice to commemmorate it having selected the Murray film, "Lost in Translation," as its film of the year in 2003. He later dressed the same sculptor as Carl Spackler, from the film "Caddyshack."

He subsequently was commissioned to do a painting featuring all the characters from the film "Caddyshack." When that was finished, he had leftover images of Murray's Spackler and decided to do a painting from the Cinderella story scene, with Spackler swinging a scythe.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, today those paintings appear on golf towels, as part of Devant Sport Towels "Tribute To Caddyshack Collection." Devant utilizes a high definition digital technology process to produce sharp images on its towels, which measure 16 by 25 inches and feature a brass lock clip for attaching to a golf bag.

The towels sell for $25.

-- John Strege