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LeBron James is having the time of his life in his socks

December 05, 2019
Los Angeles Lakers v Utah Jazz

Garrett Ellwood

This has been a tremendous season for LeBron James thus far. From celebrating Taco Tuesday with the enthusiasm of a toddler on Christmas morning to rejuvenating Dwight Howard's career (perhaps his greatest feat yet), LeBron has had quite the second half to his 2019, and last night summed up all the fun LeBron has been having to end the decade.

In a 25-point blowout win over his Western Conference foe Utah Jazz, LeBron not only got away with perhaps the travel of the year, but also with giving away his sneakers before the actual basketball game he was playing in even ended.

There was still at least 2 minutes of game time left when LeBron gave his shoes away, which is a gloriously disrespectful move that Utah will for sure remember the next time the two teams face off. The Jazz announcers didn't take the offense lightly complaining during the broadcast about his antics.

As the video shows, LeBron doesn't just have a toe over the line. He's fully on the court during gameplay, jumping up and down in his socks celebrating Kyle Kuzma's double-block. It's the latest instance in the recent pattern of LeBron having an absolute blast and perhaps crossing a victimless line or two in the process.

The other example that immediately jumps out is LeBron at Madison Square Garden attempting the water bottle flip challenge to the chagrin of Knicks fans and basketball purists everywhere. There's never a bad time to bring this video back.

A king on the court. A knight in pettiness.