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Lamkin Sonar grip line adds new models, including Justin Rose-developed Sonar Tour


The Lamkin Sonar grip line adds two new models that expand on the technology that was the company’s hit product for last year. The new versions, Sonar Tour and Sonar Wrap, use distinctive patterns, textures and firmnesses to better match certain player preferences

First introduced in 2018, the Lamkin Sonar grip technology is based on two fundamental technologies. First is the grip’s variable micro-texture pattern of densely packed ridges and indentations that are not unlike the loops, curls and swirls seen in your fingerprints, hence the name Fingerprint. The density of the pattern creates an overall smooth surface with the indentations adding elements to improve traction. Second is the grip material itself, a hybrid rubber compound called Genesis that’s designed for all-weather use and a softer feel with torsional stability.

The Sonar Tour, which was developed with input from Justin Rose, features a slightly firmer durometer of the Genesis material with an extra tacky consistency and the traditional taper shape (the original Sonar featured a reduced taper). The firmer durometer is designed to work better with the grip pressure usually associated with higher swing speeds.


The Sonar Wrap features the traditional wrap-style shaping but within each wrap is the micro-texture Fingerprint pattern. Also with an extra-tacky feel, the Sonar Wrap uses the Genesis hybrid rubber compound found on the original Sonar grips with each layer of the wrap varying progressively so that the width of the layers gets narrower as the grip goes further down the shaft. It’s available in standard and midsize varieties.

“The combination of Genesis material and Fingerprint technology delivers an ideal feel for such a wide audience of players,” said Bob Lamkin, Lamkin president and CEO. “The two additions add variations for golfers who have specific preferences in their grip style.”