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Lamkin grip lineup for 2020 adds new elements to make new grips a more comfortable idea—including giving grips away for free

February 17, 2020

The Lamkin grip lineup for 2020 could be summarized in one word: Comfort. But don’t be confused that its latest offerings are simply focused on soft, cushioned feel. No, rather the Lamkin grip philosophy seems geared to getting golfers to be more comfortable with how to line up the hands on the club to produce the correct face angle at impact, more comfortable with how each hand might need to be supported differently and more comfortable that the grip they’ve chosen is the right one for their needs.

It’s all a reflection of the company’s 95th anniversary celebration this year, which will include the offer of a free grip, including installation. “2020 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting in our 95-year history, as we’re introducing breakthroughs both in material and design innovation,” said company CEO Bob Lamkin. Under the program, consumers can go to the Lamkin grip website, use its online grip selector and the store locator tools and then print out a voucher for the free grip and bring it into the store with them.

While the free trial aspect provides one measure of golfer engagement, it’s several of the new grips and the way they’ll be presented that might resonate even more with golfers. First up is the company’s new ST grips, which feature different compounds and textures in an effort to better line up with how a golfer’s top and bottom hands work in the swing. These grips feature the company’s proven Genesis rubber compound, which combines a softer feel with a tacky feel that stays consistent in a range of warm and cold temperatures. The new ST grips feature a dual approach with an infused cord design in the upper section for traction and grip with the smoother texture on the lower section for improved feel.

The next initiative to improve golfer comfort and confidence is a reinvigorated take on the reminder rib grip, called Calibrate. This type of grip features a gentle ridge or bump running along the underside of the grip when it’s in the playing position, helping the golfer sense when the hands are correctly positioned. The Calibrate rib, the most pronounced in Lamkin’s history extending the grip about a millimeter from the fully round diameter, is underneath the grip, leaving the outside of the grip unaffected. The Calibrate technology is part of the Sonar+ Wrap, Sonar+ Tour and ST+2 Hybrid grips.

Finally, putter grips may be the most personal among all the clubs in the bag, and Lamkin’s latest effort also reflects that commitment to making golfers more comfortable with their choice. The Putter Grip Fitting System allows a golfer to experience any of Lamkin’s putter grips simply by snapping an already shafted grip into one of the most popular putter heads on the market, the TaylorMade Spider X. In the typical display, golfers can try any of Lamkin’s 12 putter grips.

All of the Lamkin grip options and programs, including the free trial “Upgrade with Lamkin” deal, will be in place Feb. 17.