Tour Life

Korn Ferry Tour pro showed up to this week's event in a U-Haul, is kind of a genius

If you're unaware of the price gouging going on due to a rental-car shortage this summer, consider yourself lucky. If you are aware, I feel your pain. Our group's rental that we're picking up in Myrtle Beach next week might be costing us more than all the green fees combined.

Anyway, a Korn Ferry Tour pro found a creative way around dealing with these soaring prices (this isn't the PGA Tour with luxury courtesy cars) at this week's Live and Work in Maine Open. Great tournament title, by the way. But yeah, rental cars are really expensive in the (*Googles Maine nickname*) Pine Tree State also.

Dominic Bozzelli, however, is paying a pretty cheap flat rate for what is essentially a flatbed. He's been renting a U-Haul this week. Yep, a U-Haul. And he seems quite happy with it:

Just a genius move. Hmm. Is it too late to cancel our car reservation?

And Bozzelli jokes about putting an air mattress in the back, but boy, that could really cut down on his expenses. If Bozzelli, who had a tough opening round in Maine, misses the cut, that would take a little of the sting out of it. Of course, that might also produce the loudest Friday trunk slam in golf history.