This photo of Jordan Spieth in a mock neck as a junior golfer is priceless

It was another big week for one of Jordan Spieth’s friends. We’re used to hearing that description used when talking about Justin Thomas—but it was one of Spieth’s former Texas Longhorn teammates and a former roommate, Kramer Hickok, who made headlines at the Travelers Championship, fighting in an eight-hole playoff against Harris English before eventually losing.

Hickok made a name for himself regardless of the outcome of the playoff. But him contending also gave us a look at this amazing, old school photo of Spieth competing as a junior golfer in 2006, when the three-time major champ was about 13 years old.

Like any big Tiger Woods fan in the 2000s, it looks like Spieth rocked a mock-neck shirt in all its glory. And gosh, for someone who we’ve come so accustomed to seeing in the same Under Armour look—this was hilarious to see Spieth dressed like any other junior golfer might’ve been in that time era (in the photo to the left below):

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Simpler times. We’ll thank Hickok for contending for his first PGA Tour victory, because it gave us this gem of a photo. Who knows what other great photos TV producers will dig up next time Hickok is in contention.