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John Calipari gets into it with a reporter trying to ask about the FBI's NCAA investigation

October 12, 2017

With details of the FBI's three-year corruption investigation into the NCAA just being made public last month, it's not a surprise that the federal probe would be the big topic of media days across the country. Also not surprising? University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari not wanting to talk about it. At all.

John Calipari and his program haven't been linked to the investigation, but it already took down Louisville's Rick Pitino. After being asked about the probe and his rival head coach on Thursday, Calipari waved off another FBI-related question in hopes of getting asked about his team for the upcoming season. And that's when a confrontation between Calipari and Lexington-Herald Leader reporter Jerry Tipton happened.

"This is a media day, not coach day," Tipton says before getting to ask his question. Of course, it essentially wound up getting a "no comment" from Calipari, but it was a good effort from the longtime sportswriter who was just doing his job.

Here's a bit more of what preceded the press room clash between Calipari and Tipton:

Eventually, Calipari got the basketball questions he was hoping for -- but something tells us this won't be the last time he gets testy with a reporter this season.