News & ToursSeptember 3, 2015

Jason Day says he has to "dumb down" Tiger Woods' texts so he can understand them

Jason Day's breakout season has coincided with the Aussie forming a tighter bond with Tiger Woods. Coincidence? Maybe, but Day has been outspoken about how much corresponding with the 14-time major champ has helped him this year.

Well, when he can understand what the former World No. 1 is saying, that is.

In his Thursday press conference ahead of the Deutsche Bank Championship, Day offered up this gem of a quote when asked about his texts with Tiger:

"I have to digest them a little bit more because he is very smart. And he has to kind of dumb it down to my level (laughter) man, you're saying these words, I've got to try to think them through."

Guess those two years at Stanford really paid off for Woods after all.


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