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James Harden getting caught dancing by jumbotron cameras is the funniest thing you'll see today

April 04, 2018

James Harden is the NBA's likely MVP and a member of the league's best team right now (emphasis on right now while the Warriors play possum). But when it comes to showing off his dance moves, he gets shy like the rest of us.

Ahead of Tuesday night's game, Harden broke out a few of his best moves (most involved pump fakes so he was basically practicing) while sitting on the Rockets' bench. But the Toyota Center's cameras caught him in action and showed him on the arena's jumbotron. The results -- both Harden's dancing and him realizing his spot had been blown up -- were hilarious. Check it out:

Betrayed in his own arena. That's pretty cold. But Houston stayed hot, drubbing the Wizards, 120-104, behind Harden's 38 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. Don't worry, James. When you put up numbers like that, you can dance any way you want.