Famous Jameis

Jameis Winston remains the 'WTF is he doing?' workout king

Outside of the teams who could start a rookie quarterback in 2021, no NFL team's quarterback situation will be more fascinating to watch this season than the New Orleans Saints. As of now, Jameis Winston remains a semi-big favorite to start under center in Nawlins Week 1, but Taysom Hill will no doubt challenge for the job when camp starts later this month.

One thing that is certain is that Winston is going to work his ass off to get the job, even if it means continually making himself look like a fool on social media. On Monday, his latest and greatest "WTF is he doing?" workout video dropped, featuring Winston working on his throwing motion with what appears to be a towel:

Never a dull moment with Famous Jameis, folks. What the hell this drill is or what it accomplishes we do not know, but you just got to let Jameis do Jameis. A number of people in the know have chimed in and said this is a move that helps with Winston's arm speed, and it checks out. In fact, Patrick Mahomes, who you may have heard of, has been filmed doing the same drill in the past, thus making it OK considering he's the future GOAT:

Nautrally, though, Winston is getting clowned on for it, which comes with the territory when you're known to be a turnover machine whose former team won the Super Bowl the minute you left town. Also, when every single one of your workout videos causes everyone to say "WTF is he doing?" you're probably going to keep getting clowned on:

Laugh it up, everybody (says person also laughing). The best news for Winston is he gets to prove us all wrong on the field if he wants.