Is this the luckiest break in golf history or an act of witchcraft?

February 28, 2020
Oman Open - Day Two

Warren Little

The Shinkwin surname is Welsh. Its translation, apparently, is "sorcerer."

What else can be deduced from this ridiculous highlight from Callum Shinkwin on Friday at the Oman Open? After a wayward tee shot found the rough on the final hole at Al Mouj Golf course in Moscat, Shinkwin's only option appeared to be a pitch into the fairway. But it was a poor effort, Shinkwin's ball barely getting airborne, and destined for a watery grave.

Only Shinkwin worked some shamanism, his ball bouncing off rocks three different times before ricocheting back into safety in one of the weirdest clips you'll ever see.

"That does not happen in real life!" exclaimed one of the broadcasters, which is something not often heard during the second round of a European Tour telecast.

Shinkwin didn't make the most of his escape, taking a double bogey on the hole. Nevertheless, he remains in contention heading into the weekend. Should he win the Oman Open, consider this a petition to erect a plaque, commemorating the moment the golf world witnessed black magic.