If you want to NEVER go hang gliding, definitely watch this video of a guy somehow avoiding death on his first ride

November 27, 2018

I, like many of you probably are, am terrified of heights. Are there actually people out there who aren't?! What a bunch of sickos. Watching "Man on Wire" is all the thrill I need, and I promise you I was 10 times as nervous as Phillippe Petit was, and I obviously already knew the outcome. Aside from checking that one off my documentary list last year, I want no part of watching anybody parkour on a roof or backflip on a cliff in the name of seeking a "thrill."

Despite this fear, when I came across this viral video of a man's first hang gliding attempt gone horribly wrong, I had to watch. Normally I'd keep scrolling and return to whatever I was doing, but for some reason this drew me in, and it was an absolutely WILD ride. I bet it was for this guy too:

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Sorry, just had to dry off my slippery hands from all the freaking sweat. What the HELL?! Sick way to kick off a vacation, by narrowly avoiding death on your first ever try at hang gliding. If my hands are sweating just watching it, how on earth did his hands not slip and slide right off the bar and send him flying into the woods? Incredible feat of strength and adrenaline. I often wonder how I'd react in situations like these, and I can bet you it would not be in a calm, cool, collected manner. Look at this shit:

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.03.51 PM.png

Right here is the key point. Would you take this fall, probably break your legs, but survive? Or continue hanging on for dear life like this guy did? Easy for those of us sitting at home watching to discuss. I know for a fact that whatever happened I probably would be too traumatized to break it down frame by frame with a YouTube video like Peter Kostis breaks down swings with the Konica Minolta Swing Vision camera.

Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at 12.11.50 PM.png

The video, which was posted on Monday, has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times and counting. The question is, how many people have made the same "Wedding Crashers" joke after watching this? Not us! We're glad this guy is okay, and we also think he's a bit crazy for wanting to go hang gliding again, but to each their own.