Five questions with Holly Sonders

March 07, 2013

A member of the Big Ten champion Michigan State golf team in 2007, Holly Sonders has been part of the Golf Channel's "Morning Drive" team since January 2011. Here she handles five questions from __E. Michael Johnson. __


I've already spoken to them about that. For the Puma logo on my apparel, I'd like sequins or some kind of stones and have that be my signature. Girls like bling, and I think that would be cool to have on my Puma cats. I would love to have a say in shoes and developing golf dresses. I love fashion, and Puma is fashion-oriented.

__Q: Is golf more frustrating or more fun since you entered the workforce? __

A little of both. You have expectations for yourself, so when you chunk a chip or miss a five-footer, that's a little frustrating. I'm still a competitor. But the pressure is off. I played competitive golf for 16 years with teammates and coaches counting on me. Now I don't even have to keep score. That's a relief, so I think I enjoy it more.

Q: What have you learned from Martin Hall?

Martin is one of the most knowledgeable teachers on the planet. He thinks of items you might have around your house you can use as training aids. He's very visual and tailors tips to different players.

Q: What would you do on your first day if you were LPGA commissioner?

I'd like to see them move to a Friday or Saturday finish and get it away from the men's schedule.

Q: What time do you have to get up for work?

I used to live 30 minutes away and woke up at 1:45 a.m. to get in by 3:30 a.m. I got so many speeding tickets I had to move. I'm less than a mile from work now, and the call time is 5 a.m. I don't have to wake up until 4:15. That's a big 2.5 hours.