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Here's Tiger Woods previewing his first U.S. course design (which definitely has some Augusta in it)

June 29, 2015

Tiger Woods' track record as a golfer is unquestioned. Whether the 14-time major winner's course-design skills match up is something we're waiting to see.

Woods has already opened courses in Mexico, and has lined up course endeavors in Dubai and China. Yet Bluejack National, just outside of Houston in Montgomery, Texas, will be his first course to debut in the United States.

"When it's all said and done, the course is going to be more open," says Woods in the preview video. "But more than anything, it's very playable."

Woods goes on to cite similarities to Augusta National's sweeping grounds, and it's evident in the video that the Masters' playground was a primary influence on Bluejack (And the way Woods has been spraying his driver as of late, this unfenced terrain may be his sanctuary.)

At a cost of over $100 million, Bluejack is set to open in the fall. From the clip, Bluejack does strike as an aesthetically-pleasing venue. Take a look for yourself: