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Golf simulators are becoming more popular in high-end New York rentals

December 09, 2014

Do you live near a golf course? If you live in New York City, the answer will almost definitely be "no." But it seems landowners are finding a creative way around that problem.

The New York Times reports on Tuesday that, because of the increasing number of apartment buildings offering basic amenities like gyms, newer buildings are trying to compete by offering newer, more exotic amenities. Like golf simulators.

Included in the report is an online survey conducted by the Times that found 80 rental units with building access to golf simulators currently available in New York, with an additional 40 condos also available.

Indoor golf simulators are becoming increasingly popular, especially in cities like New York. Golf & Body NYC, an indoor-only golf simulator country club, has built a solid following charging people $7,500. So think of the one in your apartment as an investment.