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Golf Digest Video: The $60 million backyard golf course

July 13, 2018

From Shinnecock to National Golf Links to Maidstone, the Hamptons knows how to do a golf course. That includes in one's backyard.

Built on 60 pristine acres, Three Ponds Farm is a slice of the English countryside on the eastern reaches of Long Island. Formerly owned by real estate magnate Edward S. Gordon, Three Ponds Farm features a delightful track designed by "Open doctor" Rees Jones. Originally farmland across from Atlantic Golf Club (another Jones creation), Gordon convinced Jones to create an 18-hole routing off three fairways and four greens. "It's very important to have very creative people doing the shaping and construction," Jones says. Construction only took four months, and it was ready for play in 1996.

The greens are unique, built with major sweeps along the sides of the dance floors, allowing you to bank the shots in.

"This is really a round of golf only any round of golf you will encounter anywhere," Jones said.

It also has the amenities a player expects from a high-end course, including a pro shop, halfway house and 19th hole clubhouse, leading former USGA executive director David Fay to call Three Ponds Farm the most creative property he had ever seen.

And the fun's not limited to golf. Three Ponds Farm features a grass tennis court, elegant pool, pavilion and spa, loggias, magnificent formal gardens, rose garden with orangery, over 7,000 specimen trees, two three-car garages, and a three bedroom caretaker’s house as well as its signature three ponds.

But don't take our word for it. Golf Digest captured Three Ponds Farm in all its glory with this empyreal video.