Even Phil Mickelson thinks this Phil Mickelson shot is pretty nifty

March 30, 2017

The archive of Phil Mickelson short-game stunts is vast, like that warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. To Lefty, the phenomenal has become standard; in his mind, it's an aberration when the magic doesn't happen.

Keeping that context in mind, Mickelson himself couldn't believe this birdie chip went in on the Golf Club of Houston's 13th hole during Thursday's round of the Shell Houston Open:

Granted, off video, it doesn't seem like that impossible of a chip. Conversely, Houston's greens are mighty slick, and the slopes and undulations aren't properly conveyed on the screen.

All you need to know is that the shot was so good, even Phil was shocked. That, my friends, is hard to do.