$40,000 worth of marijuana found in golf bags, slightly topping your discovery of an unused glove in side pocket

August 01, 2018

For many golfers, finding a brand-new golf ball in the fescue is Christmas morning. Given the rising costs of course ammo, a hacker feels like they've just made off with the Lufthansa Heist. What U.S. Border Patrol agents uncovered in Texas is of slightly higher value.

The AP reports that agents located abandoned golf bags near Brownsville in monitoring the Rio Grande last week. And what was in said bags was not exactly a new set of sticks. Officials say the bags were stuffed with 50 pounds of marijuana. An amount worth close to $40,000.

Before you ask, no, this wasn't a leftover bag from our weed investigation, and we doubt Snoop Dogg was in town for a quick nine.

Officials think the marijuana was going to be taken to a golf course close by. No arrests have been announced.