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Derek Jeter uses breakdown of "The Flip" as opportunity to dagger the Giambi family

Despite ranking sixth on the all-time hits list with 3,465, and coming up clutch in a big spot at the plate countless times, Derek Jeter's most memorable moments came on defense. Those are the images that stick in everyone's head. The hop-throw across the diamond from short, the catch and fall into the stands against the A's, the catch and dive into the stands, resulting in a black eye, against the Red Sox, the throw home against the Mets in the 2000 World Series, and on and on it goes.

Oh, and "The Flip." Who could forget about THE FLIP!!!

Just kidding, we didn't forget, and neither did you. We've all seen it no less than a million times, debated whether Jeremy Giambi was actually safe and wondered why Jeter was in the position he was. Well, wonder no more. Jeter, who was just inducted into the Hall of fame, broke down "The Flip" with Harold Reynolds on MLB Network. For Yankee fans, it's must-see stuff. For Yankee haters, not so much, though they should at least stick around for the first minute and 10 seconds, just to hear Jeter murder the Giambi family in cold blood:

"I've said it before, and I say this very respectfully, the Giambi family is not very fast. So I knew we had an opportunity to get him at the plate."

Good LORD. Not just a shot at the Giambi bros, Jason and Jeremy, but the entire family. Harsh.

Of course, Jeter was right to assume he had a chance at the plate. Watch Jeremy barrel around third base like a turtle and you can see why this play was even possible.