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Derek Jeter comes clean about his "hole-in-one"

May 04, 2016

Leave it to a comedian to get to the bottom of a big golf mystery. Derek Jeter appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday and the Yankees legend came clean about his recent "hole-in-one."

The ace in question occurred at the Derek Jeter Celebrity Golf Classic at Shadow Creek. It raised eyebrows mainly because of the curious caption Jeter's sister, Sharlee, posted with the video on Instagram:

Of course, the reactions gave the ruse away as well. What spectator would start screaming "Be right! Be right!" like that?

Anyway, on Tuesday's show, Meyers discussed the shot (skip to the 2:00 mark) and the interview wrapped up with Jeter's coy answer:

Score one for the doubters. Jeter, now in his second year of retirement, told Meyers he was in the middle of a swing change and having a rough day. Since his group was having fun, he instructed everyone to act like he'd made a hole-in-one no matter where his ball went (A video crew for Jeter's Players Tribune website was taping in addition to his sister). "Actually, it was the best shot I hit all day. When I hit it, I said 'this has a chance to be a hole-in-one.' . . . But we played it off pretty good."

We'll give you an 'A' for effort, Derek. And wish you the best with that swing change.