Genesis Scottish Open

The Renaissance Club

Day 8: Chip It Close From Anywhere

February 26, 2016

Hitting short game shots close consistently comes from being able to call on shots of different trajectories. With a foundation of clean contact, you can make stance and swing adjustments to vary your height and roll. For a low shot, narrow the stance, move the ball back, lean the body toward the target so that your weight is on your lead foot and make contact with the handle of the club ahead of the clubhead. As you hit higher shots, your ball position moves incrementally forward, your weight moves toward the center and the shaft moves toward vertical at impact. Low shots are generally the easiest to hit, while super high shots have the smallest margin for error. Pick a target 20 yards away and alternate low, medium and high shots, landing them in different places but trying to end up within a four-yard radius of the target.