Day 4: Find The Sweet Spot Your Driver

February 23, 2016

Clubhead speed is great, but you're probably not getting the most from your driver because of off-center hits. You can monitor how you're doing with high-tech equipment, but a pair of headcovers will give you a more tangible way to practice reducing dispersion. Set up with your driver, and place headcovers just off the toe and heel (with a little wiggle room on either side). Without a ball, make three successful practice swings without hitting the "bumpers," then graduate to hitting regular shots with the headcovers in place. You'll find the center of the face more often, and you'll also likely see some side benefits. When you stop focusing on speed and more on smooth precision, you'll relax and make a more in-control swing. Ironically, that move will usually end up producing more speed. Power comes from ramping up in the right sequence - not maximum effort. Add some baby powder or impact tape to the face to get a more precise read on how you're doing, and a great indicator of your tendencies. The goal? Hitting a sequence of three balls and seeing only one mark on the face.

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