Day 29: Try This Advanced Driving Training

March 12, 2016

As a sort of "master class" in driving, spend 15 minutes of practice this week working on both speed and precision. Put some powder (or impact tape) on the face of your driver to monitor where on the face you're making contact. Hit three balls with your normal swing, concentrating on center contact. Then hold your driver just below the club head with the grip end pointing at the ground. Lift you lead heel off the ground at address–you will feel all your pressure move to your right foot. Make a backswing and at top of backswing simultaneously lift your left foot off the ground and begin the forward swing touching your left foot back to the ground as you create as much volume in the sound the club makes as it passes your body. Do this three times at stretch effort–a greater perception of effort each attempt. Now return to striking a set of three balls–this time in a normal stance, but with the same feeling of pressure loading to the trail side then moving back to the lead side as you begin the downswing.

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