College GameDay at the Masters would be the greatest crossover event in the history of mankind


Dom Furore

What if I was to tell you that the potential new date for the Masters would intersect with a college football Saturday. Is that something you might be interested in?

Sorry, I'm currently re-watching "Entourage" for the billionth time during the quarantine, and I just watched that hilarious "What about Bob?" episode last night, so it's on my mind.

Anyway, the Masters in November is now a very real possibility according to the new proposed schedule, and it's safe to say that's something we'd all be very interested in. A lot still has to happen to reach that point, but just the possibility of it has sports fans all kinds of riled up on Monday.

If the Masters was played the week of November 9-15, and there was no delay to the college football season, the third round would be played on the same Saturday as two massive football games in the Peach State: Tennessee @ Georgia, Notre Dame @ Georgia Tech. Do you see where we're going with this?

All the credit goes to ESPN college basketball analyst Dan Dakich, who came up with what we can only describe as the greatest crossover event idea in the history of mankind: "College GameDay" at Augusta National:

Dakich isn't the most popular personality on social media, but that's nothing one great idea can't fix. He even got praise from GameDay's own Kirk Herbstreit, who tagged ESPN's VP of production Lee Fitting in his tweet:

The tiny problem with this idea is that it has no chance of happening, at least on the hallowed grounds of Augusta National. Something tells me Lee Corso putting on a mascot head behind the 18th green while some drunkard holds up a "F--- LANE KIFFIN" sign in the background wouldn't fly at ANGC.

But that doesn't mean GameDay can't set up shop just down the road. Perhaps in the Hooters parking lot right next to John Daly's RV? Now we're talking!

There are a ton of logistical things that way more important people than myself would have to figure out for this to actually happen. In other words, it ain't happening, but we should try and put on the internet full-court press to make it happen. We got ESPN to drop the Jordan documentary early. We can definitely get them to do GameDay at Augusta.