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Did Chi Chi Rodriguez pull off the best golf blooper of all time?

By Alex Myers

Chi Chi Rodriguez made a guest appearance on Golf Channel's Big Break NFL Puerto Rico. He wound up learning a painful lesson: golf can be a contact sport.

Rodriguez attempted the show's notorious glass break challenge, but his ball ricocheted off the apparatus and appeared to hit the 78-year-old in a sensitive spot. Check out the unbelievable clip, which includes some great reactions by the other participants:

A shaken up Rodriguez walked it off and uttered, "I forget I have something there," drawing laughs. Rodriguez eventually regrouped and broke the glass with his next shot. He then got that delayed-reaction from such occurrences (Guys, you know what I'm talking about) and bent over in discomfort.

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Following his (much) more successful attempt, Rodriguez was asked to do his famous sword-routine celebration and he obliged. What a gamer.

Since Rodriguez is OK, it's OK to laugh. Hey, America's Funniest Home Videos has been profiting from bloopers just like this for more than two decades. Therefore, we present Chi Chi Rodriguez hitting himself below the belt with a golf ball over and over again in GIF format. Enjoy!

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