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Callaway's new, improved rangefinder with aerial imagery

May 24, 2012

Callaway Golf last week introduced its upro mx+ rangefinder, a new and improved version of the upro mx, emphasis on improved.

"When we launched the mx last year, it was not our biggest success," Callaway's Scott Goryl said. "People encountered some frustrating software bugs with it. First and foremost, all those problems have been solved."

Aerial imagery remains the principal point of differentiation from other rangefinders. "The feedback on that particular element has been really good," Goryl said, "especially if you're playing a course you're not familiar with, so you can see what's around the bend before you hit the ball over there."

The aerial imagery (unlimited courses provided at no additional charge), available when the device is set in Pro Mode, is downloaded from Pro Mode also provides AnyPoint Technology, allowing the user to identify yardage to any point on any hole using the touch screen.

"The software itself is a lot easier to navigate," Goryl said, "everything from the menu screens and the touch surface. It didn't work all that great before, but it's a lot more responsive now. Navigating is a lot smoother."

Another feature offered by Callaway, one that doesn't require the purchase of the upro mx+, is that the satellite imagery and video flyovers are available at "People can go and check out holes before they play a course," Goryl said.

The Callaway upro mx+ retails for $250 and will be available on May 30.

-- John Strege