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Callaway releases Chrome Soft Truvis Stars and Stripes golf balls for those looking to add patriotism to their equipment

May 06, 2019

If you don’t think the Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis-patterned golf balls are popular, consider this: In addition to countless custom logo versions of the retro-soccer ball patterned golf ball designed to improve visibility and focus, the company announced Wednesday what amounts to its eighth new pattern.

The Chrome Soft Truvis Stars & Stripes ball will be the second with a patriotic U.S.A. theme, replacing a model that debuted to coincide with last year's Ryder Cup. Callaway started the pentagon-patterned balls as an experimental add-on to the new Chrome Soft line in 2015 with red pentagons against a white ball pattern. Since then the Chrome Soft Truvis collection has included black-and-yellow, pink-and-white, green-and-white, shamrocks-and-white versions, as well as a past Stars & Stripes model and a past European Ryder Cup Team model.

The new Stars & Stripes Chrome Soft Truvis features a pattern of blue and red pentagons. The blue pentagons feature a white star with blue individual stars within the larger white star, while the red pentagons feature a white star with red and white stripes within the larger white star.

The Chrome Soft Truvis features the same technology as the company’s current Chrome Soft ball. That includes a dual core design enhanced with nanoparticle graphene in a thinner outer core. That one-atom thick substance strengthens the outer core, allowing the inner core to be low compression for less spin on shots with the longer clubs while retaining the resilience of the overall core. At the same time, the graphene allows the thinner outer core to better work with the mantle and urethane cover for optimal short game spin.

The Chrome Soft Truvis Stars & Stripes will be in stores May 3 ($45 per dozen).